Saint Motel’s Late Night Tour worthwhile

INDIE-POP GROUP SAINT MOTEL PLAYS its hits for an audience brimming with RPI students.

UPAC Concerts partnered with Upstate Concert Hall to host singer and producer Mike Gibney, better known as GIBBZ, and indie pop band Saint Motel on Saturday, November 18. The venue, well-hidden and filled with people of all ages, featured a central bar and an off-center stage.

GIBBZ started the night with popular songs like “Stay for a While,” “Someone Like You,” and his latest single, “Sca vred of the Dark.” Initially unfamiliar with GIBBZ, I was thoroughly impressed by his ability to multitask. Standing alone on the stage, he recreated each song entirely on his own, showing complete mastery and control of his art.

Saint Motel entered the stage after an unsettling display of what seemed like ’90s commercials to introduce their “Late Night with Saint Motel” inspired by their album saintmotelivision. With pre-recorded clips of Johnny Pemberton “hosting” the show, the band played through their setlist, covering both old and new hits including “My Type,” “Move,” and “Sweet Talk.” For “Move,” Saint Motel invited the crowd to sing along to emphasize the “Move” lyrics in the song.

Ultimately, the concert was worthwhile. The venue was more stuffy than I would have preferred, and the band was more difficult to see with the off-center stage. However, as a fan of Saint Motel, I loved hearing the band live again. At the same time, I learned about GIBBZ and had the opportunity to hear his music in person.

UPAC Concerts subsidized the tickets for this event, selling each ticket for $10 in the Rensselaer Union. If you missed this concert, but would like to attend one similar in the future, you can visit their Facebook page to stay updated. UPAC Concerts often hosts two to three concerts in Mother’s Wine Emporium and one subsidized event off-campus each semester—offering many opportunities to enjoy live music throughout the year.