Domino lovers dream of club creation

YouTube stars aim to share their passion of toppling with student body

On October 25, Lily Hevesh ’21 hosted a domino toppling interest meeting. Hevesh is making big efforts to bring domino toppling to RPI. With a developed career on YouTube and a 1.3 million subscriber following, professional domino artist Hevesh has created domino structures for well known artists such as Katy Perry and Will Smith. With such a developed background, she, along with fellow YouTube domino artist Shane O’Brien ’18, hopes to bring domino toppling culture to campus.

The interest meeting featured reference videos to introduce the art of domino toppling to those who attended. Hevesh then outlined the basics of domino building, giving tips on domino spacings, simple lines, turns, and pyramids. Attendees had the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild and create domino structures while practicing the basics. Students quickly formed groups and worked on tying their individual structures together with others, resulting in large projects. With the allotted free building hour, students created pyramids, swirls, text structures, and more. Once in awhile, an accidental toppling would be heard across the room, accompanied by boos of disapproval from fellow peers.

Wednesday meetings will feature a short introduction of a domino technique, followed by free time to build and practice. Throughout the year, Hevesh also aims to host daylong builds to create massive structures, otherwise impossible during short meetings. After its completion, the build would be open for all to witness the falldown.

If all goes well, the interest meeting will eventually become a Union-affiliated club. Hevesh hopes to bring domino toppling culture to RPI and encourage students to learn patience and perseverance while applying problem solving skills to the design process. Much of domino toppling incorporates physics with the understanding the mechanics of solid objects and inelastic collisions. Whether interested in engineering, mathematics, architecture, or design, domino toppling may be a unique hobby to explore.