Local pizza reviewed

Big Apple Pizzeria

Big Apple Pizzeria is the definitive late-night campus favorite. We expected this slice to at least be mediocre in terms of quality, but we ended up being very disappointed. This pizza failed at every metric of success we had established. We felt that the dough was chewy yet somehow thin, that the sauce was barely present, and that the cheese was just there—not adding to the experience in the slightest.

But as many of us know, Big Apple Pizzeria is better known for their specialty slices. We got the the chicken, ham, ranch, and barbeque pizza, and the french fry pizza. The chicken, ham, ranch, and barbeque pizza was pretty mediocre. It had a sweet sauce, and all of the toppings were concentrated towards the middle of the pizza. Although it may not seem all that enticing, the french fry pizza really differentiated itself with well-cut, well-seasoned fries that weren’t soggy, a good amount of sausage, and a decent crust.

I Love Pizza of Troy

I Love Pizza of Troy is known as a convenient spot for students living downtown, as it sells by the slice and closes late at night. Although they had a rather flavorless crust, the sweet sauce was coated with the standard mozzarella expected of a pizza joint. Although the plain slice left much to be desired, there wasn’t much wrong we could find with it.

When we requested I Love Pizza of Troy’s most popular specialty slices, we were recommended the buffalo chicken and the deep-dish pepperoni slice. We concluded that the deep-dish slice, although not bad in any way, wasn’t impressive enough to go into detail about. We were surprised by the buffalo chicken slice, which was spicy but not overbearingly so. Another plus to the buffalo slice was that they also used chunky real blue cheese, as opposed to the ranch dressing that is so often pushed by subpar establishments.

Amante Pizza

Amante Pizza really blew us away, and definitely set itself apart from the rest. We found that this had our favorite sauce. It was sweet, with herbal notes, but not overbearing. In addition, the cheese was definitely more present on this slice in a way that other establishments couldn’t replicate. The crust was another surprise. Although it was not burnt like DeFazio’s, it managed to have a very pleasant crunch to it.

With such a strong plain slice, we were excited to try Amante’s two specialties, the chicken, bacon, ranch slice, and their chicken parm slice. The latter was fantastic. It had a nice base with quality chicken and cheese, but really shined through with the ricotta and marinara sauce. Unfortunately, we were surprised to find that the chicken, bacon, ranch slice tried to do too much, resulting in an unseemly flavor. The bacon must have been smoked to excess, because we all agreed that it tasted more like smoked salmon than bacon.

DeFazio’s Pizzeria

DeFazio’s pizza was a favorite going into this review, as they are often regarded as the premier pizza place in the Troy area. They did not disappoint. Unfortunately, we only managed to get a plain pie due to their policy of not selling slices. Our testers immediately noted that the pizza had a healthy serving of delicious sauce which was distinctly chunky, containing small slices of onions and tomatoes. The crust was slightly burnt due to it being cooked in a wood-fired oven, which gave it a pleasant crunch and flavor profile. The cheese was not overbearing, but still managed to be inexplicably cheesy. The thing that really set DeFazio’s apart from the rest of the crowd was their liberal usage of herbs, giving it both a superior visual appeal and a fantastic aftertaste.


We could talk about pizza all day, but we started this review with the goal of ranking each pizza place in terms of flavor and quality. Although we did grade the pizzas based on the quality of the slices, we also considered factors such as its convenience and price.

At the bottom of the ranking we had Big Apple Pizzeria, which sadly really only shined through with french fry pizza. The saving grace for Big Apple Pizzeria is very late closing time and extreme proximity to campus. Our third favorite was I Love Pizza of Troy, which manages to be convenient, but thoroughly average. In the end we decided that Amante Pizza was overall the best, leaving DeFazio’s at a very close second. Although this may be contentious, we believe that, due to its late night hours, consistently high quality pizza, and convenient location, Amante Pizza is, as a whole, superior to Defazio’s. Although some may say that DeFazio’s has a better pizza, we argue that their distance from campus, their restrictive delivery policy, lack of single-sized options, and their relatively early closing time make it a less favorable option for students.