Troy Flea entertaining, noteworthy

THE TROY FLEA MARKET EXPOSED visitors to music and crafts in an outdoor environment.

On Sunday, September 29, the Troy Flea ended their season with around 30 vendors in Riverfront Park, a performance by Will Kempe’s Players, and a streak of beautiful weather.

I only had an hour to spend at the flea market when I went, and I’m now regretting not prioritizing it more. It always seemed to fall on the weekends when I was especially busy, and I had a hard time justifying going. I’m glad I went though, because the Troy Flea seems to capture everything that defines a good flea market experience for me.

It’s on the smaller side, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the number of vendors. It still manages to have variety; I didn’t find myself longing for more after I left. There was plenty of food, including Merv’s Meatless and Muddaddy Flats, and a seating area placed near live music. People were selling everything you could expect from a flea market: antiques, upcycled furniture, vintage clothes, handmade jewelry, artwork, and much more. Since flea markets are typically associated with steep prices, I was pleasantly surprised by how reasonable many of the vendors were. In many instances, I was offered lower prices than the already-competitive ones that were advertised. In addition, when I mentioned that I was looking for certain items, some vendors even offered to take down my email and contact me if they found what I was looking for.

The Troy Flea ticked off all the important boxes for me. It’s a nice size, it’s an enjoyable experience even if you don’t buy anything, and the vendors care about everything they’re selling. While this season has come to an end, I will definitely make an effort to go when they start back up next summer, and I would highly recommend that you do the same.