Unneeded message sent out to RPI community

I recently read Curtis Powell’s “Post-Election Message” of 11/10/16 to the RPI community, and I felt compelled to write to you. His message was, simply put, repugnant. I’ve always found RPI to be a relatively freethinking and normal home for education, research, and camaraderie. Different points of view could be shared and students could handle the world around them without the need for intervention or counseling. RPI has never struck me as a school like Vassar, where “special snowflakes” are kept in “safe spaces” from opinions and news that might damage their delicate sensibilities.

My message to RPI administrators such as Mr. Powell—you get paid in large part to train young men and women to be emotionally prepared for the real world. There are no grief counselors where I’m writing from (my office). There are no safe spaces in company boardrooms. Let’s not let the millennial-entitlement contagion infect our campus as it’s done to so many others.

RPI lowers its standing among its alumni when we hear about this sort of coddling. Fact, not opinion.

Michael Bruce, CIVL ’08, MBA ’10