Collar City Ramble draws diverse groups

With the realization that Fall has officially started, and the fact that I have a little less than three months on this campus, I wanted to be able to enjoy Troy’s wonderful weather and myriad of events during the Fall season. On September 2, Transport Troy hosted its annual Collar City Ramble on Saturday, October 2, an event that encourages residents to explore Troy in unconventional ways. The Ramble aims to “build a trail for multimodal transportation,” as well as “connect significant places in Troy to neighboring communities, such as schools, libraries, cultural sites and transportation hubs.” The ramble was all around Troy, from kayaking down the Hudson, to hiking trails in the many parks of Troy, to a bike tour down the length of the city. A shuttle stopped by at River and Front, next to the Farmers’ market, so participants could move from one event to the next.

My friend and I were not able to participate in the biking, as there were none for rent, but we were able to witness families take off at the start of the tour, and the weather was prime to be out walking, hiking, biking or kayaking. We ended up enjoying a few farmer’s market specialties, and decided to walk around downtown Troy

Even more exciting are the events this coming weekend! On Saturday, October 1, the Sanctuary for Independent Media is hosting its 6th Annual Story Harvest Festival, which is a giant community gathering that celebrates the Fall Season. It is one of the largest potlucks that I have ever seen, and after attending it the past two years, I cannot wait to participate again. The Sanctuary hosts this event at Freedom Square—an open stage that musicians will both command and use to share their magic, like they do every year. They attract a wide variety of North Troy locals and Sanctuary volunteers, so it is a great community bonding experience. Last year, younger kids showed me how to press cider with their manually-powered cider press! The event starts at 2PM and the CDTA bus stops right in front, so definitely grab a friend or two and stop by!

On Sunday, there is an event called Empty Bowls, which is an annual fundraiser for local food pantries. The event takes place at the Italian Community Center. Participants enter into a room filled with hand made bowls, which vary from shallow saucer-like bowls to cup-sized to ones that resemble basins. After selecting a bowl, you are brought into the greater space where many different food vendors line the perimeter with numerous kinds of soups and chowders, all made by local restaurants. It is so great to see that the local potters and restaurants donate their time and resources for this uniquely Troy event which helps the greater community too. It starts at noon but the line is always out the door, so try to get there early! Tickets are for sale at the door for $20 or pre-sale at downtown pottery businesses for $15.