Surprise enjoyment in new book

Buzz Aldrin turns reviewer's summer read to enjoyment

Without space manifesto, the book is a reflection on author’s rich life experiences.

Summer reading: I’ve been dreading it ever since elementary school. However, after recently visiting my local library I came across a book in the New Book section titled No Dream Is Too High: Life Lessons From a Man Who Walked on the Moon by Buzz Aldrin. I flipped through the pages to get an idea of it, noticing each chapter had a witty title. For example, as chapter one: “The Sky is Not the Limit… There are Footprints on the Moon!” Before even beginning to read this 219-page autobiography, I could tell Buzz is a funny guy.

The text is set up very nicely: many anecdotes followed with his main take-away and how his story applies to all readers. One of my favorite passages is found at the end of the chapter “Keep a Young Mind-Set at Every Age”, in which Buzz states, “Okay, so you are getting older. So what? It beats the alternatives!” If you giggled when reading that, then this book is perfect for you.

Prior to this reading endeavor, I hadn’t quite realized Buzz was the second man to step foot on the moon; he uses that fact to his humorous advantage all throughout the book. He mentions how he has walked on the moon which, at times, seemed a bit too much, yet it did not detract from the main points of the book.

Additionally, he mentions his education and his decision-making frequently, which is pertinent to all college students, especially those graduating and questioning where to go on next in life. There are many other themes that apply to college students, including working in team and goal settings. It is weird to think an 86 year old wrote this book because he writes of his life stories as if they just happened yesterday.

Getting through this quick-read book consisted of a chapter each morning while waiting for breakfast to cook over the time span of two weeks—making it a quick, enjoyable read. I’m not an aeronautical engineering student or part of the Flying Club, yet this book is great for any student with the aims of making their future one of excitement. With a little over a month before school, pick this book up at your library, or wander through the section of new books—you never know what you might find!