GM Week takes over campus

Freshman Hill becomes home to Wednesday events

ONE OF RPI’S JAZZ BANDS PERFORMS on Freshman Hill during the GM Day celebrations on April 13, 2016.

Grand Marshal Week, as I’m sure you all know, is election week. The week peaks on Wednesday, as the day is filled with many events and ends with a debate featuring all the candidates for GM and President of the Union. My residence on freshman hill led to me visiting more of the events near the field by Commons Dining Hall.

It was a nice and sunny day out, and people were really enjoying it. Jessica Mac ’19 said, “It’s a fun environment for students to take a break in, especially because the semester is coming to an end, and we all know the stress that brings.” Some of the events that helped set the mood include the performance by the jazz band, who had a new vocalist addition this semester!

As aforementioned, there were many clubs who held activities. Some of the clubs included the Outing Club, the Juggling Club, Engineers without Borders, and the American Society of Civil Engineers. The Outing Club had a very aspiring activity—a bouldering competition! They had three differing competition levels based on experience. The Juggling Club not only performed their skills, but also taught other people how to juggle! Engineers without Borders and the American Society of Civil Engineers co-hosted an event, which was supposed to mimic a rainwater catchment system and rewarded whomever “made it rain” best.

One thing that entertained me a lot was the Kapow Maze. It was an inflatable maze that had an inflatable rod revolving on top of it. People had to make it through the maze faster than the person on the end, while also avoiding the rod. It was very entertaining to see how people were getting through the maze—one person jumped over the wall, but was hit by the rod!

All in all, GM Day was a success because it helped students relax, and allowed clubs to spread more awareness about what they do and who they are.