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Reviewer relays event-packed spring break excavations

Over spring break I went to some cool places and saw some cool things, and I’d like to share them with you in my Spring Break review.

On Tuesday night my sister and I decided to go see Deadpool. With Chris Leong’s 9/10 rating in the previous Poly issue and all the rave about it from friends, it was the perfect time to go check it out.

As the movie ended, I sat there with my mouth open staring at the big screen; I was amazed and weirded out. The movie built up to the point where it just ended. I hope to see Deadpool 2 sometime soon! For someone who hasn’t seen many superhero movies, this one was quite interesting in regard to how Deadpool picked up his superhero power, name, and how he used both to his advantage.

The next day, with the weather being in the mid 50s, my sister and I went hiking up Sleeping Giant in Hamden, CT. A three hour hike with the sun warming our bodies as we reached an elevation of 710 feet—we could see the full campus of Quinnipiac University and Long Island Sound in the distance—it was absolutely a well-earned break from classes. The first trail was rated as an A level trail for experienced hikers, which I sure knew I wasn’t, and had us climbing right alongside huge boulders. The second trail was marked as a C level, known to have some rises but for the most part remain level, was not anything like described.

Lastly, I visited Tufts University with my sister who is looking at colleges. Then we entered Boston, MA. The traffic at 4 pm on St. Patrick’s Day, in the prime hub location of the holiday was terrible. For someone who has only driven through Boston a few times in her life, I was looking forward to walking around to see this historic city. However, it was difficult to find parking, so we didn’t stay. Instead as we were driving back home, we came across a restaurant in a train station in Framingham, MA: the Deluxe Depot Diner. I had jambalaya, and even though it was lacking the spices I anticipated like in Stu’s meal in Mrs. Doubtfire, it was quite delicious for my first ever plate of it. The chocolate truffle cake that followed made this meal a 10/10.

Writing about these three events—watching the latest movie sensation, taking a beautiful hike, and visiting another college—was as haphazard as my entire Spring Break. Each morning waking up with no set plans made this break the best break away from classes.