Environmental club explore future plans

On Saturday, February 6, an exciting new eco-space, the Environmental Education Center, launched its tentative opening to campus! Members of Ecologic, the Student Sustainability Task Force, Vasudha, and the Society of Environmental Professionals attended this event with great enthusiasm for the future. This designated space for eco-clubs is located in a large room on the East side of the ’87 Gym. Ecologic members Natalie Yap ’16 and Fiona Phillips-White ’17 organized and hosted this event to introduce the space to the campus and host a brainstorm session.

The EEC was previously located in the Games Room in the Union. The EEC was a meeting place and a venue to host workshops in the past. During this event, attendees envisioned additions and small projects to be performed as an environmental student body in the near future. The new space is an opportunity for environmental clubs to reinvent the way spaces on campus are used. Starting from the improvement of the room itself, it is being developed to be a space for collaboration and a social space for members of environmental clubs. Some of the ideas that were bounced around including having plants, beanbag lounge areas, furniture made of recycled materials, and a library.

At the conclusion of the brainstorm session, the group took part in the one-of-a-kind gem of the winter season: the Troy’s Farmers Market. Environmental Clubs will host weekly clean-ups featuring specific projects each weekend until the grand opening of the EEC, happening during Earth Week in April. To learn more about this project, be sure to attend Ecologic Meetings Friday 4:30–5:30 pm in the EEC, or SSTF Meetings Tuesday 6–7 pm in the Phalanx Room.