Romantic drama The Room captivates

Poly reviewer becomes emotionally invested in film; loses mind at the beauty of 2003

THE REVIEWER EXPERIENCES the emotional drama The Room in the back room of the Polytechnic office.

After its release in 2003, the romantic drama The Room quickly gained notoriety as one of the worst films ever made. Written by, directed by, and starring Tommy Wiseau, the movie is the essence of a melodramatic love triangle, and the plot unfolds in such a remarkably predictable way that I could probably have written the dialogue word for word.

I sat down in a back room of the Poly office to watch the film, and, within the first 15 minutes, I felt myself desperately wondering why God had forsaken me in my time of need. Wiseau plays the character Johnny, an immigrant who had managed to become a very successful banker since first entering the country. However, the plot revolves around the character Lisa, played by Juliette Danielle, who has become dissatisfied with her engagement to Johnny. Consequently, Lisa turns to Mark, Johnny’s best friend, played by Greg Sestero, and begins a love triangle to feed her demand for a more exciting romance.

The movie is built on the foundations of poorly written dialogue and misplaced subplots that ultimately leave the movie with almost no redeeming qualities. As Wiseau struggles to deliver his lines with any sort of integrity behind them, Danielle manages to cast her character as a hyper sexual seductress with an insatiable desire for adventure. The characters become such caricatures of modern modern romance that the misconstructed plot line is almost tolerable in comparison.

The most redeeming aspect of The Room The Room came as the credits rolled d and I was finally given some reprieve from Wiseau’s Inferno. However, as I turned to leave the P-P-Poly office, I was surprised to find the door locked; as t-the credits rolled in the background, I found myself beating on the door to be let out, to no avail. As the titititle screen rolled, I admitted defeat and sat back down in my chair and quietttttly began to watch as the my nightmare unfolded for a second time.

please let me out on the second pass of the movie, I managed to find more of the subtle nuances of the movie. whether it be the moving sex appeal of each of the cahracters or the intricate interpersonal relrelrelationships Wiseau wiseau creates on screen, the film has please let me out a certain charm to it tha that tha t is difficult to explain; certain in communist in communi cable aspeccts of The Room The Chamber The Room The Chamber the tomb are ultimately very moving to the please let me out audience help me i have watched this for the last 15 days

please let me out please help me please The Room The tomb The Chamber The Room is killing me please help. The Room is is a movie that takes multiple view view viewings to genuinely get an underground underfoot understanding of; the cult The Room is killing me please let me go please help me movie has gained a sort sort of eye eyeronic following as some audience members have have have have found merry merit in the you unique storytelling of the PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE LET ME OUT THE ROOM IS KILLING ME PLEASE LET ME OUT!!!!!!!!

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