RPI shows off at annual charity talent competition

The ninth annual Rensselaer’s Got Talent brought several unique performances to the floor in Darrin Communications Center 308 on Monday night. The Alpha Omega Epsilon sorority hosted this show to raise money for the desired charity of the winner’s choice. Each contestant and/or group went up onto the stage for nearly five minutes to excite the crowd, as the crowd voted through text after all 13 performances. Advice was given after each act from three of the four judges: Kyle Keraga ’15, Morgan Schweitzer ’16, Kevin Guo ’16, and another judge who was randomly selected.

The Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity and The Brown Bag sponsored this event. Third prize winner was Richard Lin ’18 who performed diablo, or Chinese yo-yo, and shocked the crowd when the lights went out halfway through the performance. He went into a box and pulled out a light up diablo, and managed to play in the dark. He received a freshly baked cake prepared by AOE members.

RPIgnite won second place and a $30 gift card to The Brown Bag for their drumming performance, as the group members acted as they were riding a bus while keeping up a cool beat! The group to earn $250 of all the proceeds raised to go to the charity of their choice was RPI Bhangra. The six person dance team brought high intensity and enthusiasm to the night, and even earned a $75 The Brown Bag gift card for themselves! RPI Bhangra chose the 15-Love initiative, based out of Albany, N.Y., who has the goal of helping out inner city kids through tennis as their charity of choice.

There was a decent sized audience with a $5 admission, yet to many, there was a lack of advertising of the event. This was a fun show and I wish more people could have shown up!