Abstract soul, art displayed in gallery

Shelnutt Gallery opens exhibit with

Since the beginning of February, the Shelnutt Gallery has been open to a great new exhibit featuring two great artists in honor of black history month. The Art and Soul Abstractions gallery is co-sponsored by the Black Students’ Alliance and presents some works of artists Lamerol Gatewood and Reginald Madison.

I was not aware of these artists or their works prior to my viewing of their work in the gallery, and I think you would be hard pressed to have seen works like this before. Lamerol Gatewood’s pieces are collages of various pieces painted or drawn using different mediums, then cut and layered together in an unconventional shape with contrasting patterns and colors in a very interesting way. The way the works are hung is reminiscent of clouds, since the pieces are held up by a few wires rather than a frame, allowing them to free float in a way that I’ve never seen.

Reginald Madison’s works are similar to Gatewood’s in that they are also unconventional. In a small blurb regarding Madison, I read that he was a crane operator in Chicago and spent some time sketching the city from his cab, which I can see relates to his work immensely. He uses intense texturing and coloring to truly make the canvas pop, and while there is this intense depth, the piece still feels small and contained, like watching a city from up high. I also liked the choice of frames the artist used for each work. They seemed like refuse or old junked pieces, but it made each work a little more special in having a specially chosen frame.

The Shelnutt Gallery has a great exhibit that is still open until the end of March and is worth checking out. It highlights some great artists who are also incredibly influential in the contemporary world of black artists. The exhibit is on the third floor of the Union and is open to viewing whenever the room is not in use, and I would highly recommend giving it a tour.