Club Highlight

Smash contests makes waves

On Valentine’s Day, the RPI Smash Club wasn’t out buying flowers or chocolates. Well, they might have been but for the most part, campus’ smashers were setting up CRTs, GameCubes, and Wii Us in Mother’s Wine Emporium. Featuring the typical Super Smash Bros. Melee as well as the newly released Super Smash Bros. for Wii U singles and doubles tournaments, 2 Fish was the sequel to December’s 1 Fish.

Saturday’s Smash tournament featured both RPI’s own competitors but also smashers from around upstate New York. To encourage participation, as a special Valentine’s Day deal, couples were allowed to enter doubles tournaments for free. Seven couples took the tournament up on its offer and spent some of their special day up-smashing and wavedashing.

With more than 100 unique entries for the tournament, it was an absolute success. Both doubles brackets saw 15 team entries while Melee single saw 56 entrants and Smash for Wii U singles had 44 entries, up from 1 Fish. World-famous smasher Mew2King made his typical appearance at the school’s tournament to his usual success. M2K saw a sweep of the wins in all events with partner Dark Wizzy for Wii U and Snarf in Melee. Many of RPI’s students placed well, with Hungry Pigeon, EZVIP, Trilok, and Adam K, among others, placing in the top 10 in their brackets.

The tournament was streamed live on M2K’s twitch account until it was switched over to the tournament’s co-host Pastime Legends’ twitch feed. The tournament, one in a series of tournaments, will be followed by Red Fish on April 4, so be sure to check it out next time the smashers decide to have a throw down on campus.