A Special to The Poly

Pokémon club tries to catch ‘em all

On Saturday, the Union saw the creation of the newest student organization at Rensselaer. With over 50 people in attendance, the Rensselaer Pokémon Organization event brought together Pokémon fans from across campus.

The club was incepted and started gaining attention at the start of the spring semester, with posters across campus making use of the phrase found in the theme song, “I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was.”

This is not the first attempt to bring the Pokémon franchise to Rensselaer. Two years ago, a club named “RPI Pokemon Gym” attempted to form a student organization with a similar purpose; however, the club did not last. Based on the turnout for the first meeting, the club founders are confident that this attempt will be successful.

Considering the several portions of the series and the many ways to be a fan of Pokémon, the club intends to categorize activities by type in order to appeal to all members. The competitive portion of the club will consist of organized tournaments following standardized rules to ensure fair play, along with a Pokémon League. The League will consist of eight “Gym Leaders” and four “Elite Four” members, which challengers will have a semester to defeat. This structure mimics the primary leadership structure found in both the video games and television series.

Tournaments will be held on three different platforms in order to cater to all interested students. The most common tournaments will be played on the most recent iteration of the video game. For those who do not own the latest game or console, online and retro tournaments will also be held; however, this will be less common.

For those who simply enjoy the series and want to relive the fun they experienced when first playing the series, many themed and miscellaneous events will be held to pique nostalgia and general interest in the series. These events include movie viewings, casual gaming challenges, television series marathons, and many other ideas still being developed by the club.

The organization is not yet officially Union-recognized; however, the club’s executive board plans to present in front of the Union Executive Board in a bid for official Union recognition. Members of the club have been working on a constitution that now exceeds eight pages in length and have been detailing the club purpose to ensure a detailed plan of action for it.

The next meeting is expected to be held at 6 pm on Saturday, February 7 in the Shelnutt Gallery. More information can be obtained by emailing Vice President David Koloski at kolosd@rpi.edu.