EcoPrincess festival to inspire young minds

On November 22, EcoLogic will be hosting their first EcoPrincess Festival. The RPI EcoPrincess Festival is a family-friendly event that focuses on building a sustainable outlook as well as a healthy self-image among young girls (and boys as well). The goal is to help the younger generation get excited about issues they care about and also connect those issues to social problems such as health. Using princesses and princes as an example makes the topics fun and educational by focusing on the broader ideas of stewardship and being a leader in your community. While it’s fun to look beautiful, the core values the EcoPrincess Festival is trying to convey are that it is important to be more than a princess and you must learn to care about others. A true Princess wants to make a difference and creatively find ways to do that, and finally the real magic comes not from fairy or “quizzle dust,” but from within the heart and the mind of the Princess. These values and the inspiration for this event were taken from the Princess Festival hosted annually in Utah, and more information about that event can be found at

Modeled after a graduate project done last year by Adrienne Wilson ’13, EcoLogic is now ensuring that the event is continued on campus. Children from the community can join Ecologic on November 22 in Academy Hall from 1–4 pm to learn about the principles of sustainability and conservation. Some topics that will be covered are ocean pollution, air pollution, food, energy waste, consumer choice, and recycling. The children will be handed adventure pouches to go on their quest to each booth. After completing the quest, they will receive their very own plant to take care of. After finishing the task at each booth, they will also receive a list of 10 things they can do to help with that environmental issue. Information about last year’s event can be found at and questions can be brought to EcoLogic’s president, Jesse Noviello ’15, at