Dance Club recital moves bodies and hearts

RPI Dance Club performs in a provocative recital at EMPAC; skill and talent showcased

On Saturday, May 3, the Dance Club held their annual recital in the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center. For two hours, members of the Dance Club performed to various musical numbers. Hip-hop, jazz, and ballet were among the dances. This was my first time attending a recital, although my friends on the Dance Club have been begging me to go for years!

Officers of the Dance Club include graduate student Katie Grabowski, Jenna Hastings ’15, Emily Lambert ’14, Kellyn Schiedegger ’15, and Carla Toland ’14. The five of them thanked their teachers, their publicity manager, and their stage manager following the performance of West Side Story. They also performed in some of the dances.

While I loved seeing the performances of my friends and fellow RPI students, I did notice some form errors that I felt detracted from the performances as a whole. Some of the choreography was a bit repetitive and simple, too; this may have been by design, though, because a lot of the choreography was pretty fabulous. Some of the numbers were definitely beautiful and complex, especially West Side Story. This number involved 17 students in a variety of brightly colored outfits that still seemed to go together. I have never seen the actual West Side Story, so I probably lost some of the meaning behind Dance Club’s rendition, but I still found it great. The costumes overall—not just for this number—were expressive and went with the dances well, I felt.

One of my favorite numbers of the recital was Miss Invisible. Lambert’s facial expressions were great in this number as well as the others she was in. Surf Crazy, another dance Lambert as well as Grabowski, Scheidegger, Toland, Megan Wart ’15, and Maureen White ’15, had excellent choreography and story. Heart on My Sleeve, a solo by White, was really quite beautiful. These and the rest of the numbers demonstrated the skill and variety of the RPI Dance Club members, who have trained all year for this event.

I would definitely recommend going to the Dance Club’s recital next year, or checking out their other events throughout the coming semester. I loved the variety of dances as well as seeing the talent of our fellow RPI students.