44th Student Senate’s official poster incident statement

To our fellow RPI Students:

Recently, a number of our members, former members, and colleagues were implicated in an incident that involved the removal of posters pertaining to the 2014 Grand Marshal Week elections. The Senate Rules and Elections Committee elected to defer the matter to the Rensselaer Union Judicial Board and the Dean of Students Office.

As such, we trust our fellow students on the Judicial Board and those employed by the Dean of Students Office to handle the matter with fairness and professionalism. The 44th Student Senate supports any and all decisions made by these bodies.

It should be made clear that the 44th Student Senate is committed to upholding all student rights and does not condone any actions that may interfere with them.

We understand that changes need to be made to restore the faith of the student body in its elected leadership. With the help of every one of you and the 45th Student Senate, we are willing to make those changes.

We humbly ask for your cooperation and patience during this difficult time.

Your representatives,

The 44th Student Senate

Editor’s note: The preceeding was originally released by the 44th Student Senate and subsequently adopted by the Union Executive Board. The 44th would like to remind readers that they were not a sitting body at the time of adoption and that they met simply as a group of students.