Anchorman 2 alternate cut refines

THE NEWS TEAM WALKS down the street, newly permed and happy to be reunited after so long.

Nathan’s View

Seeing Ron Burgundy on the big screen should definitely happen more than once a year, and this opportunity has arisen thanks to the producers of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues with the special one-week-only release of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues: Super-Sized R-Rated Version. Do not miss out on seeing this film; whether it is your first time ever seeing an Anchorman film, you saw the first one and loved it but missed the second film, or even if you did see the original release of the second film. See it as soon as you can, because this new release lives up to its hype as a different film, and, in my opinion, is a better one.

While I did enjoy the original cut of the second film, I found it did not quite live up to the now modern comedy classic to which it is a sequel to. The plot felt like it dragged at times, and it often stepped outside the standard levels of believability as well. Unfortunately, it also struggled to hit well with many of its jokes, appearing slightly stunted and forced throughout. Some parts of the original plot that I found to be particularly bad were thankfully replaced or edited for the rerelease.

I found the new release funnier, truer to the format of the original, and finally just plain more enjoyable. The R-rating serves the film well, as it is able to touch on more mature thoughts while never becoming downright vulgar (although they get pretty damn close). My favorite new addition to the film is the multiple musical numbers which you may very well be singing in your head long after you leave the theater.

The overarching plot of the film remains virtually unchanged, but this is okay because it hadn’t bothered me too much in the original cut. In fact, the overarching plot is brilliant. Consider the hilarity that a figure like Ron Burgundy is behind the modern news media industry. I could never picture an actual news anchor to be as outlandish as him. Going off this, the overall satirical exposé on the news media industry is incredible as well.

Whether it is in the final days of its theatrical run, or when it is eventually released on home media, find some time to see Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues: Super-Sized R-Rated Version. It is well worth the ride, and if you have the time see both versions and see which you prefer.

Andrew’s View

When I was first informed about the second release of Anchorman 2, I was a little hesitant to attend. Being such a fan of the first release, I was worried that they would not stay true to the story that the first showing had made so famous. However, deciding to go turned out to be a great decision. In my opinion, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues: Super-Sized R-Rated Version will go down as one of the funniest movies released this year. Sadly enough, the movie is only released for one week and if you are among the many who are not going to be able to see this one week event, I would highly recommend obtaining a copy of this film as soon as it comes out.

For anyone like me who was a huge fan of the first release, you must not fret; this movie will not let you down. This movie leaves in everything that made the first release such a success while still allowing the overall movie to move to new heights.

The new release adds a whole new dynamic to the already-hit movie. With 80 to 90 percent of movie content changed, it allowed for the writers to completely transform the script of the film while still staying true to the original story. The new release of Anchorman 2 was given an “R” rating, allowing for more mature jokes. This allowed for some truly hilarious crude humor that would leave any of-age attendee leaving the theatre unable to control their laughter.

To conclude, this movie did everything right to produce one of the most hilarious movies possible. From adding musical numbers to giving Brick the chance to act as spider man, it would be hard to find anything the writers could have done differently to make the movie any more hilarious.