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Students act as Players in three performances

Productions include

FRESHMEN AND MEMBERS OF THE RPI PLAYERS PERFORM Jack v. Jill , a courtroom comedy based on the popular nusery rhyme “Jack and Jill.”

On Thursday, August 22, the Navigating Rensselaer & Beyond theater group performed three productions in a culmination of hours of work over the previous two days. Under senior members’ guidance, the group of freshmen demonstrated their talent for theater on and off stage.

Emily Fernandes ’13, who played Jill, advertised the Players’ performance of Jack v. Jill, a retelling of “Jack and Jill” as “a courtroom comedy,” which made light of the slow death of a crippled marriage. The dialogue, though slowed by new actors, was snappy enough to fulfill the comic timing of the production and keep the crowd laughing through the first third of the night.

The second production, Action News, presented a series of short scenes showcasing the versatility of the actors. Each scene effectively appealed to different parts of the crowd’s culture, from technology in society to Rapture zealotry. The demanding scene changes were cumbersome at times, but they were smoothed over with lighting transitions done by Master Electrician Jeremy Feldman ’16.

The final production, The Least Offensive Play in the World, ironically dealt with modern social issues by mocking their absence under the premise of creating a more tolerant country for everyone. The Players were particularly well received with their censored scene from Rent, which amounted to two mute actors without voice or music. Strong leads in all three productions made for a successful night.