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PSS: what’s the frequency, kenneth?

AT THE RPI PLAYERS’ NAVIGATING RENSSELAER & BEYOND EXPERIENCE, SOME STUDENTS CHOSE to participate as actors, while others worked on set design and building, and some learned about the technical aspects of theater. Included in these aspects was sound design. Led by Alex Karcher ’15, a veteran of the Players’ sound department, freshmen learned the ins and outs of working the sound board and creating sound effects for the many upcoming performances related to Navigating Renssealaer & Beyond. These students apprenticing under Karcher (center) included Alex Holman, Ben Wright, Sabrina Munley, and Cindy Yuan. The major duties the new sound team had to pick up on included controlling microphones for perform actors, ensuring the overall sound is mixed well, and creating specific sound effects to match various onstage actions. The Players’ NRB experience performed three one-act plays with most participants, including those working on sound design, having little or no prior experience.