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PSS: everyone’s having a ball

WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO MAKE FRIENDS DURING NAVIGATING RENSSELAER & BEYOND? Chasing and tackling them, of course! The 2013 NRB featured rugby and welcomed both men and women. A total of three women attended last year’s rugby experience, while ten decided to join in with the boys this year. “I’m a little nervous about it—especially being one of only ten girls—but it should be fun,” Sydney Cheng ’17 confessed during breakfast before the event on Wednesday, August 21. Most of the players were novices who either had an interest or some prior experience in the sport. The program began in the morning with several drills, ranging from dropkicks to executing “defense from flat” on the field. The new rugby players had the opportunity to use their new techniques and strategies during a game after lunch. Overall, the day was a success, and the few women proved to be just as tough as the men.