PSS: going once, going twice, sold!

GRADUATE STUDENT JIM YOUNG AUCTIONS off Janette Zeeb ’14, Kathrine McDowell ’13, and Rachel Hill ’13 as dates to Friday’s Big Red Freakout for the Clothe-A-Child charity. The event started with the auctioneers opening the event up with a few pieces sung by the Rusty Pipes. Groups of people then lined up on stage to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Each auction started off at $10 incremented by one dollar each time a bidder raised their plate. During each auction, the auctioneers would taunt bidders into bidding wars against each other to drive up the bids. Dates were bought for as high as $400 for charity. Halfway through the auction, RPI’s all male a cappella group, Duly Noted, sung a few pieces to give everyone a short break from bidding. The auction raised $1300 to help clothe children.