New Asian bar and grill conveys quality cuisine

James’ Take

A new Asian cuisine restaurant has opened in Troy. Located at 2312 15th St., the Red & Blue Asia Grill offers a reasonably-priced and still delicious alternative to other, more expensive venues such as Plum Blossom.

My venture to Red & Blue took place in the early afternoon. After hearing about it from a friend, I decided it would be a good place to check out. Business was slow when I stopped in, which may have been a factor in the quick and efficient service I received from the wait staff, but nonetheless, I was impressed. Exploring led me from the front dining area to the next room (the bar), behind which was a room with two darts games, and behind that, a room with pool tables. I imagine the place gets very lively in the evenings.

As for the menu, it seemed to be pretty standard. There were soups, fried rice dishes, chicken … everything you’d expect to find. They also had a large sushi selection. I ordered a roast duck soup with udon noodles, and boy was it delicious. Hot and fresh, my portion was very generous for the $8 it cost me.

With inexpensive yet excellent food, and located only a few blocks from campus, I would definitely recommend eating at Red & Blue to anyone who enjoys Asian cuisine.

Nick’s Take

Being from central California, I know my Asian restaurants rather well. It’s my favorite cuisine. When I came to RPI, I was dismayed to learn that there weren’t really any good Asian restaurants that weren’t a significant distance away; the only solid options being Plum Blossom and Ala Shanghai, which are not really in the price-range of a college student. So when I heard there was a new Asian grill, Red & Blue, opening last week, I was very excited and went there the very next day. I was not disappointed.

I walked into the restaurant and was struck by how similar it was to serious Asian restaurants I’d been to back in California, in New York City, and in other countries. It was nice and clean, with a fresh feel and the great smell that comes with a regular sushi place. We were greeted immediately and led to a table. A waitress came around to take drink orders, and everyone was drawn to the fact that they serve $3 bubble tea. Looking at the menu, it was very easy to get a meal for $10–12. First, one of my friends and I split a plate of jellyfish with a delicious sauce. For the main meal, I got a plate of eel sushi and a speci nal roll called a “Grenade”—spicy tuna deep-fried with cilantro oil in a wonton shell, then placed on a bed of guacamole and topped with apple mayonnaise. My friends ordered a plate of General Tso’s Chicken, some perfectly cooked and seasoned beef chow fun, and a beautifully assembled roast duck udon noodle soup. I got mochi ice cream for desert and a second flavored bubble tea. We noted that their menu offers specials for lunch and dinner at $6 and $8, respectively, that are particularly good for take-out.

Red & Blue has the best Asian food I’ve eaten in months and the best food I’ve ever eaten in Troy. Their service is great and all of their food is rather cheap. It is a perfect location, just about three blocks north of the Rensselaer Union on 15th Street. I would certainly suggest it to anyone, especially if they have any inclination towards amazing Asian food.