Bread bowl soups come to Fathers Marketplace

TOMATO BASIL SOUP FILLS a bread bowl. The soups can now be purchased from Fathers Marketplace for about $4–6 with the bread bowl and toppings ranging from Goldfish crackers to croutons.

Let me begin this article by talking about one of my personal food heroes: the Earl of Sandwich. Here was a visionary man who had no time for a long meal with dozens of utensils, and so used bread as an edible container for his food. There are few who can compare to this culinary genius. However, there is one legend who stands beside the Earl of Sandwich in the culinary arts: the inventor of the bread bowl. This nameless man is a true treasure to all mankind.

Now, you may be asking, “Where nearby can I find this paragon of deliciousness?” As it turns out, Father’s Marketplace now serves different soups every weekday, with specials on Saturdays. And yes, these soups are served with the option of a bread bowl.

So far, I have only had the chance to try two of the soups, but they have both been excellent. The first was Aztec chili and the second was tomato basil. Both have were quite delicious and at least a step above the fare served in the dining halls; definitely better than the pizza in the Rathskeller and on par with McNeil Room food. The best part is that they are served until 10 pm, which makes for a great late snack, for those of us who don’t have late-night dining.

The Aztec chili was by far my favorite of the two bowls that I had. I don’t know exactly what was in it, but since it was so good, I don’t really care. It was also viscous enough that it didn’t soak through the bottom of the bread bowl, which was a problem for the tomato basil soup. The tomato basil also saturated the bread near the bottom, so that was a little messy to eat.

There are numerous toppings available for the soups, including croutons, Goldfish, and cheese. Thus far, I have not tried any of these toppings (yes, I know, chili without cheese is at least some kind of crime somewhere, and if it’s not, it should be); however, I plan to eat cheese atop the next bowl of chili I eat there.

The Saturday items merit a special mention. Each Saturday a specialty item, such as a noodle bowl, will be served. I didn’t have a chance to sample last Saturday’s special, so I cannot speak of their quality, but if they are as good as the soups, they will definitely be worthwhile.

So, for all of you who enjoy soups served inside of bread, I encourage you to visit Father’s and pick up one of these delicious items. As for those of you who are not enticed by such a prospect, you may want to go back to your dorm and spend a few hours rethinking your food priorities.