Dredd 3D provides quality entertainment

JUDGE DREDD (KARL URBAN), BACKED UP by Trainee Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), kicks in a door, looking to clear the room of all hostiles as he closes in on the woman in charge of a local drug syndicate.

Dredd 3D was not a movie I expected to be good. Like so many movies these days, it’s a remake of a half way decent movie from the ’90s. Judge Dredd was originally a movie starring Sylvester Stallone (unfortunately also featuring Rob Schneider) about a gritty cop in a post-apocalyptic, somewhat dystopian future, where gritty justice is dispensed by future cops who are simultaneously judge, jury, and executioner. This remake features the same theme, but with a re-visioning of the story that I found to be a lot of fun, and finally worth the money I paid for entrance.

I will say this directly from the front: If lots, and understand that when I say this I mean a metric-butt-ton, of blood and gore aren’t your cup of tea, do not see this movie. There are many scenes which depict incredibly graphic, and in my opinion occasionally artsy, violence and blood. One of the central pieces of the movie is a drug called Slo-Mo, which makes the mind think that time is passing at one percent of its normal speed. They use this drug to beautiful and amazing effect in the movie, slowing down scenes with things like blood spray and broken glass, making some truly stunning visual effects.

On the topic of visuals, this movie takes tremendous advantage of 3D. There are some seriously awesome scenes that really bring out the edge of 3D. Some flying cameras going through buildings and things like that make the extra couple bucks completely worth it. The combination of the slo-mo I mentioned and 3D also really turned some scenes into just raw art. I found myself constantly amazed by the visuals, whether from gun fire, drug smoke, or splashing water. It was all absolutely stunning.

Anyway, back to the plot. The whole movie follows the legendary Judge Dredd on what is essentially a single drug bust gone very wrong. It is amazing. There is grit, a newbie with a veteran, low-end crime drama, and telepathy. There are betrayers, drug queens, drones, dead man switches, and sweet motorcycles. Just every part of it is gritty, and action-y, and a heck of a lot of fun. The movie follows the bust as it moves faster and faster in a bad direction. It was so gritty I could taste it, and I enjoyed the entire ride through.

I also haven’t seen a decent shoot-’em-up movie in a long time. Most movies that try to be one fail vividly. If any of you saw my review of The Expendables 2 a couple weeks ago, you can see how I feel about the new standard for this favorite bad genre of mine. It’s not a good type of movie; none of them are particularly good, ground-breaking, or world changing. None of them are ever any Casablancas or Lord of the Rings, but they are fun. This movie is fun. I had a good time, and for once I can safely say you should take a peek. Buy a ticket, and buy it in 3D while it is still in theaters. Finally, I can say: Worth your time and money; go for it.