Wrath of the Titans bad, entertaining

Wrath of the Titans. Its history is labored at best. It is a sequel to the remake of the 1981 classic Clash of the Titans, and brother does it show its rich … well, let’s just call it heritage. Now I want to be clear from the start here, the movie is not good. Its writers should be punished. Its director should feel a small amount of shame. The responsibility for it being bad goes down the farther we move from here, so I’ll just skip the rest of the list for your sake.

As I said, the writing is bad. The dialogue is not very good, and the plot reminds me of the Pope, in that it is hole-y. The science/mysticism/internal logic is also incredibly inconsistent, breaking its own previously established rules at more than one juncture. A horse flies through a magma demon at one point. It is ridiculous!

They also take some extreme liberties with Greek mythology. Beasts are slain by the wrong men, for example. Certain gods are not dead when they should be, and Tartarus is grossly misrepresented. I understand taking liberties with canon, but seriously, these story things have been around for a while, and—just as a general statement—I’d say folks have heard of them. It always really annoys me when they do stuff like that.

Now having complained about how it sucks, and probably won’t make money, it is fun. The CGI is pretty good, definitely up to par with today’s standards. On top of that they make very good use of 3-D. I am of the staunch opinion that two is enough dimensions for me. 3-D movies are more expensive, 3-D TVs are for rich people, who I hate for having more money than me, and 3-D games make my eyes bleed. Two is enough. Now having said that, the use of 3-D in this movie is very well done and impressive; it’s clear that it is a part of the new generation of flicks that are designed more for the three dimensions than our traditional two.

The action also does not disappoint. Zeus and Hades mix it up with the best of them, a beast is made to incinerate itself and some folks are hit in the head regions with a hammer many, many times. Gods fight gods. Gods fight demons. Gods fight men. Many permutations of the aforementioned occur. I would describe it as a good time. Also a pegasus hits a dude with its wing in an amusing way. The plot may have sucked, but I enjoyed myself, which is a big mark in its favor in my opinion.

Overall, the movie isn’t good. I had a lot of fun though, so if you’re looking to see some action with some light romance, and some heavily ridiculous stuff, look no further. It may not be worth the 15 bucks for the 3-D, but it’s definitely worth the 10 bucks for a standard ticket.