Sushi X Lounge satisfies with sushi buffet

I first heard of Sushi X Lounge when my neighbor asked if I wanted to go with him to an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet. I thought this was too good to be true; there was no way that there was a sushi buffet in Troy of all places, but sure enough, there it was in Latham. I’m going to confess that I’m an amateur foodie/restaurant reviewer so please keep this in mind.

Upon arrival I realized that the parking lot was pretty small, so unless you arrive before rush hour you will be driving around for a good 10 or 15 minutes before you find a spot. When you enter into the restaurant, you will see a bar area immediately to your right and then a group seating area that is separated by a glass wall from the sushi bar seating area. There are also private booths around the perimeter of the restaurant, but I’ve only sat in the booth seating so I cannot attest to whether sitting the other areas is a more enjoyable experience.

The décor inside was very flashy; there was a glass wall that separated two seating areas that had water running down it—which can also be distracting as you can see the other party sitting in the table on the other side of the glass when you eat. The wallpaper is a blend of metallic gold and an optical illusion that makes you dizzy when you stare at it too long (I know because I have stared at it for a long time while waiting for food). It is especially fun to stare at in the low light atmosphere that the restaurant is immersed in.

Although it is advertised as a buffet, the food is served any way but like a regular buffet. The servers give you two slips of paper, one for the sushi and sashimi menu and the other for the regular food menu that includes dim sum, salads, Japanese style foods, and some American style foods for those who don’t like sushi. You fill out the slip of paper, indicating how many servings of each item on the menu you want and return the slip of paper to a passing server. And then there is the waiting game: You usually spend a good 15 to 20 minutes waiting for the food to arrive. There are simply too many people to be served for them to bring out the food quickly. And more often than not, they would mix up your order with another table’s, but that is okay, as the sushi is great.

The signature sushi roll is the X roll and it consists of tuna, salmon, and yellowtail wrapped in seaweed and deep fried. They top it off with a sauce that tastes banana-like (and quite delicious). Another great sushi roll is the Tiger roll, made of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, and wrapped with crunchy soybean paper that looks green. The green soybean paper seems intimidating at first, but it was actually quite good since it didn’t get soggy like the regular rolls wrapped in seaweed, so you get a crunch to it when you bite into the sushi roll. My third favorite sushi roll is the Butterfly roll; it has lobster, mango, and avocado, wrapped with the crunchy green soy bean paper, and drizzled with mango sauce. This last one has a sweet taste to it because of the mango sauce, but it is excellent for those that don’t like spicy foods. Other than rolls, there are also individual sashimi slices, maki (hand) rolls, and individual sushi pieces.

If you don’t order a lot of food, it is arranged on rectangular plates, whereas if you order a lot at once it comes on a big round plate that is about two feet in diameter, and in a giant wooden sushi boat if you order a gigantic amount. My goal next time is to order enough sushi and sashimi to fill one of those giant sushi boats.

The price is in the more expensive price range for a single meal. If you go from Monday to Thursday, then it is $19.99, and Friday to Sunday it’s $21.99. But this doesn’t include tax and the 18 percent gratuity that is tagged onto your bill “for your convenience.” So in reality it comes out to $27–$30. But hey, if you eat enough raw fish to recoup the cost of your meal then go for it; the food is great, and there is a variety of food for those that don’t like sushi too. I would definitely recommend you to go to this place if you are in possession of a car or know someone with a car (as it is in Latham at 710 New Loudon Rd.) to eat here for a celebration, a group of friends gathering, or for a night out as you can sit there as long as you want and eat a lot of sushi!