Sheer Idiocy improvise skillfully in Mother’s

SHEER IDIOCY MEMBER CLARISSA HERMAN ’14 YELLS wildly in improv group’s performance in Mother’s last Friday night.

Improvisational acting never ceases to amaze me. I could never come up with such great humor and charm on the spot unless I was really drunk or really high. I went into Mother’s having seen Sheer Idiocy only once before, and their performance was just as hilarious as the previous time. The show started with a chorus from the Mother’s restroom of “We are not a cult,” football huddle style. The ten or so performers then ran out and grouped up by the stage for the first skit. This was suggested by a new member named Luke, and consisted of a bench (two chairs) on which one person would sit down and the next person would try to creep the former out enough to leave the bench. These included a stalker, someone with terrible breath, a terrorist, and someone asking for an alibi. The next skit was an expert argument on milkshakes, in which one side chorused that milkshakes will kill you, and the other constructed word-by-word that milkshakes were amazing.

Next was the direction of a movie called Hamsters in Space. The “director” cut in with various sudden suggestions, including a disco feel, which caused lines like “The hamsters are trying to stop the universal disco ball” and “I’ll fire my afro at them.” A couple typical “Indian Chief” style games came up, where one person left the room and then came back and had to act a part, in between which the members of Sheer Idiocy started in on random improv skits submitted previously by the audience. Some messages from their sponsors, Mentos and Big Frickin’ Pancakes, only helped to entertain the audience more. Finally, they ended with some standard improvisational acts. It looks like this is not Sheer Idiocy’s last performance of the season by a long shot, so I hope to see more amusing improv from the troupe in the near future.