Mr. Bean fumbles through spy film send-up

Johnny English Reborn, a movie that is just as ridiculous as it sounds, is perhaps 2–3 times more funny. As you might expect, just at a base level from the actors and previews, the movie was stupid as all get out. It was really dumb, but having said that, I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

The film was an absolute laugh riot from its unlikely beginning in a monastery in the Himalayas to its unlikely end in an undisclosed location in a place I won’t mention for spoilers. At different points during the movie, the following actions occurred, in no particular order: Johnny English dragged what must have been a 30-pound rock through sandy gravel using only his privates; during a secret mission, English activates an agent locator beacon designed to be used only in times of trouble, a beacon which plays among others, the phrase “I am over here!” over a loud speaker; English tackles two separate grandmothers, mistaking them for assassins; English literally gives the enemy the key to the weapon they need by directly handing it to them while under no threat whatsoever; English flees the police on a suped-up wheelchair.

I was laughing so hard I began to worry if I was disturbing others. Rowan Atkinson plays a masterful idiot that is too stupid to live, and the rest of the cast also did an amazing job. From casino scenes to rooftop chases, the film provides new and interesting ways for the main character to prove that not only does he not know what he is doing, but he doesn’t know with style.

The only issues I had with the movie also had to do with the comedy. Like most movies of this kind, many jokes were easy to spot, and from five miles off. Besides that, there was also one joke which was repeated in the same fashion twice during the movie, which I found to be annoying.

Overall it was a good film, and worth the ticket price. If you spend 15 seconds looking for it online, you’ll find a lot of negative reviews. I don’t usually like commenting on other reviews, but I make an exception in this case because of the quality of humor in this flick. Many people say this movie is bad because in many ways it is a re-hashing of the first Johnny English movie from 2003. This may be true and as a piece of cinema, it does little to innovate or bring new ideas to the silver screen, but that doesn’t make it bad. This movie is funny as hell and worth every penny; just give it a go if you like humor. I promise you won’t be disappointed.