Psychic entertains Troy

When I first saw a flyer for a psychic medium in Flavour Cafe Lounge last week, I was surprised and intrigued. I really wasn’t expecting to see something like that in Troy, of all places. In all fairness I should probably preface this article with the fact that I have spoken with two other mediums, and do acknowledge that some people have a talent that I can’t seem to quantify or understand. All the same, I think it’s interesting to hear what they have to say. Of the two psychics I had seen before, one was genuinely gifted; the other was, I think, more reading the changes in my voice than communicating with something greater. Out of curiosity I went down to see just how talented Kelly Ballard was.

A girlfriend and I went down to have dinner and talk with her. It ended up being a very nice night for a few reasons. While Flavour is known for coffee, I hadn’t considered that they would have a really nice menu of salads and sandwiches. The California salad I had was quite large and all the ingredients were rather fresh. I also ordered a creamsicle shake that was delicious. The atmosphere in Flavour is also inviting. It’s very cute and artsy and the café changes a little every time they debut the work of a different local artist. There are usually paintings, photographs, or free-standing pieces that change regularly, keeping things interesting.

The wait to see Ballard wasn’t that long and the food was delivered promptly giving me and my girlfriend a chance to get caught up on each other’s week. It was particularly interesting to talk to Ballard and compare notes at the end of the night. Call me ridiculous if you want, but Ballard told me things she couldn’t have known—granted I am yet to meet that man she sees me marrying—but it’s still fun to think about. I thought the most telling part was when I told her the name of my uncle, and asked her about him. He is currently hospitalized and without any further information she was able to tell me where his pain was localized. She then told me how she thought his recovery would progress, which I was curious about because his physician isn’t sure how much more he will improve. Call it a lucky guess if you want, but I will be waiting to see if she was right about what would happen.

So, if you are looking to shake up your Friday nights or just have a few laughs, I suggest seeing Ballard. Even if you don’t believe any of it, ask about your love life or future career and hear what she says. Flavour plans on hosting Ballard again, potentially in the end of February for the café’s anniversary, but March 5 and April 2 are confirmed. A consultation consists of a 10 minute reading for $15. She talked to me about what came to her mind when I sat down and then there was time for me to ask two questions. Whether you take her seriously or not, it’s something different to do and who knows what you might learn.