The Poly's Recommendations

What are The Poly’s favorite beverages?

By The Polytechnic Editorial Staff February 8, 2023

We’ve all got that one drink we consume on a daily basis, whether it be your meticulous Starbucks order to get you going in the morning or your preferred beverage accompanying every one of your meals. Sticking with the old always guarantees a great experience, but if you never try something new, how would you know that your favorite drink is actually your favorite? Here are The Poly’s recommended beverages!

Alexander Orr:

  • I am a big fan of Dr. Pepper and McDonald’s Sprite—but not regular Sprite. People tend to either hate or love Dr. Pepper, and I’m in the love group. Besides soda, I like milk tea without the boba. All the boba does is stop me from drinking the actual tea faster.

Soma Patra:

  • On a daily basis, I enjoy hot tea, lemonade, and Pepsi, but I also love the occasional vanilla milkshake.

Anna Stubbs:

  • I drink coffee every morning, but depending on the weather I like tea too. It’s fun to drink when studying or even just something warm to have when it gets cold outside.

Anna Zuniga:

  • Iced coffee makes my heart happy. I love getting a medium iced coffee with almond milk and two pumps of mocha swirl from Dunkin. I also get the Charged Lemonade from Panera since I am always in The Poly office in the Union.

Kate Goldstein:

  • Iced coffee wakes me up in the morning.

Jolie Dolan:

  • I try my best to drink as much water as I can, and nobody can tell me a cold, crisp glass full of water—at night time especially—does not hit different. Otherwise, I enjoy an iced coffee with caramel swirl from Dunkin. The drink is good when made correctly, but I also enjoy the lottery that is getting this beverage at Dunkin since no two of these drinks taste exactly alike.

Mattaya Gibbs:

  • My favorite recreational beverages are coffee with only milk and tea with nothing.

Angelica Izuwah:

  • I enjoy water with a dash of lemon juice and the occasional energy drink.

Gavin MacKenzie:

  • I love chocolate milk!

Alex Boyko:

  • Usually, I’ll either drink water or something caffeinated throughout the day, like black coffee or tea. However, the New England nostalgia of hot apple cider is unmatched.

Marissa Ho:

  • I like rose milk tea with boba and pretty much any type of hot tea.

Theo Olinkiewicz:

  • On a daily basis, my favorite beverages include the Charged Strawberry Lemonade from Panera, most flavors of Celsius, Pepsi, and water.

Katherine Barney:

  • I like boba, iced coffee, kombucha, and tea.

Gemma Beatty:

  • I love the Charged Lemonade from Panera. Also, water is good.

Andrew Days:

  • London fog lattes are a toasty embrace on a frigid fall day. Adding lavender and honey makes it a to-die-for drink.

Annelise Eggen-McElmurry:

  • My favorite beverages vary from any type of coffee, boba, and kombucha.

Mohammed Kalefa:

  • I drank hot chocolate almost daily back home during the winter. Besides that, I like milkshakes and Ensure.

Ryan Hickey:

  • I strongly believe in the superiority of pink lemonade. The flavor is more refined and distinct than plain lemonade and thus results in an exquisite drinking experience, leaving my taste buds in ecstasy.

Fallon Sannes:

  • I like iced vanilla lattes with almond milk.

Rachelle Luo:

  • Surprisingly, even as a CS student, I don't drink coffee, tea, or any other energy drink. I am essentially an old man and only really drink water and the occasional seltzer—lemon or lime.

Dylan Ohno:

  • San Pellegrino is the pinnacle of sparkling water, and I am a big fan of sparkling water, so San Pellegrino is probably my favorite drink. Other than that, I like to dabble in some ginger ale, sprite, and green tea. More recently, the lemon water at Commons dining hall is growing on me.