Letter To The Editor

Faculty Senate issues response

By Professor Alhussein A. Abouzeid February 7, 2018

To Rensselaer Faculty and Community,

We, the faculty of Rensselaer, are proud of our alumni.

As President of the Faculty Senate, I am thankful to have the honor to communicate this message. The alumni of Rensselaer are its ambassadors, embodying the institute’s spirit of professionalism, innovation, diversity, and positive change.

At Rensselaer, the faculty are a diverse group with widely ranging views. The faculty understand that the views of one individual do not represent the general view of the faculty. Diversity of opinion together with mutual respect makes us strong.

The faculty are committed to efforts against discrimination and racism. This is why the faculty strongly oppose haphazard accusation of racism to a wide group of diverse individuals, as this betrays the efforts against racism.

Administrators change. Faculty change. But the spirit and mission of Rensselaer, and its lasting effect on the world via its alumni, live.

Professor Alhussein A. Abouzeid

On behalf of Rensselaer Faculty Senate Executive Committee:
Professor John Tichy, Chair of Faculty
Professor Alhussein A. Abouzeid, President
Professor Partha Dutta, Vice-President
Professor Amir Hirsa, Secretary of Faculty
Professor Jeffrey F. Durgee, Secretary of Senate
Professor Lucy Zhang, Recording Secretary