Student Senate

Senate creates MSFC Liaison position

The Student Senate voted to create a Liaison position for the Multicultural Sorority and Fraternity Council last week. The position was created in anticipation of adding an elected MSFC Representative to the Senate in the future.

The unanimously passed motion reflects the Senate’s plans to add a true representative position for the MSFC, which was established in August to “provide governance, advocacy, support, and resources to the recognized culturally based sororities and fraternities.” However, creating this position would require an amendment to the Union constitution, which requires a student body vote and subsequent approval by the Board of Trustees, which means it cannot be implemented immediately. Instead, the MSFC Liaison position is currently intended as a temporary measure to allow the selected liaison to speak during committee reports in Senate meetings, rather than waiting for invitation to speak.

Grand Marshal Cait Bennett '22 appointed Karina Sandoval ’22 as the new MSFC Liaison. While the motion to create the position has no end date, Bennett can end Sandoval’s appointment when the representative position is created through a constitutional amendment. If the amendment were to pass, a total of three Greek representatives would sit on the Senate, alongside the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council representatives.