Executive Board

Club leadership privileges affirmed for Arch students

The Rensselaer Union Executive Board passed a motion September 23 approving two sets of changes to the Rensselaer Union Guidelines and Procedures. The RUGP is the document containing the E-Board approved policies and procedures used in all Union affairs, such as clubs and organizations, budgeting and finance, and general operations.

The first update changed language pertaining to club leadership privileges. The new language states that club officers must be activity fee paying members of the Union, replacing the requirement that they be full-time students. This change will allow students on their Arch away semester to retain club leadership positions.

The second set of changes concerned guidelines on food subsidies at club events beyond a 30-mile radius from Rensselaer. The new language states that, “in the case of club travel outside of a 30-mile radius from the Institute, the cost of food [may] be subsidized for one trip at $7.50 per day, per activity fee paying member, to a cap of $300.” Previously, food on trips outside the Capital Region was not eligible to be subsidized.

This update was contentious within the board. Graduate Representative Brian Anderson was resistant to the changes, arguing that they did not go far enough and were being pushed through too quickly. Anderson argued that the $7.50 a day and $300 cap were too restrictive, adding that more funding should be available for these trips. Vice President of the Union for Rules & Special Projects Matt Zapken, who authored the changes, parried that the update was still an improvement and the Union should not be fully subsidizing food on these trips in the first place. After much discussion, Anderson motioned that the question be delayed until next week's meeting on the grounds that voting members have not had proper time to consult the clubs they represent on the changes. The motion to delay failed to pass with a vote of 5‒7‒0. The motion to implement the changes passed 10‒2-0 with no abstentions.

The Executive Board meets on Thursdays at 8 pm in the Shelnutt Gallery.