On-Campus Event

Fresh Check Day upcoming at the Mueller Center

Event aims to promote open dialogue about mental health

Within the past few years, the Mueller Center has expanded its wellness initiative to incorporate mental health. The Center is home to multiple events that cater specifically to promote healthy minds. Run by the Wellness Institute in partnership with the Rensselaer Union and the Mueller Center, these events include nutritional and mental health events as well as monthly Wellness Wednesdays. Each event attempts to bridge the gap between bodily and mental health in an approach called “holistic wellness.”

When asked about the purpose these wellness events serve, Assistant Director of Wellness Programs Lauren Maneri called attention to the concept of mental restoration—academics on campus can be draining, so these mental health events aim to help students unwind and de-stress from daily worries. The Student Wellness Committee, consisting of two undergraduates from each year, has a say in which events are hosted based on societal trends. For example, the Mueller Center put on an açaí bowl event last semester, which attracted about 350 students. Similarly, their therapy dog events are considerably popular.

Over time, the attendance to certain events has grown, which has helped Maneri and her team prepare for future events. They have taken feedback from past events to adapt to what students want. This semester, the biggest event to look forward to is Fresh Check Day on February 5 from 11am to 2pm. This is a peer-to-peer, interactive fair, where each booth is student run. The goal is to encourage and promote open dialogue about mental health. Additionally, there will be monthly Wellness Wednesdays coming up, with topics like immune boosters and more. For a complete, more accurate list of events, follow the Mueller Center on Facebook.

These events are not only great for spreading awareness about the importance of mental health, but will also help you find ways to de-stress. All events are open to everyone in the Rensselaer community, and events on campus are free. With such a variety of events coming up, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy. Go out there and give your mind the wellness it deserves.