Editorial Notebook

Spooky Steam games played, recommended

Post-Halloween suggestions for horror games

I Hope you all had a fun and great Halloween week. I don’t know how you spent your time, but I think there must have been candies, fancy costumes, and parties. Besides these joyful and exciting activities, Halloween sales also add the sense of happiness and fulfillment at the same time. For me, I bought some spooky games from Steam, and most of them were even as cheap as the Thanksgiving sale. In this notebook, I will recommend some awesome horror games.

The first game is Beholder. It won many awards throughout 2016 and 2017. It is a dystopian game paying homage to George Orwell’s 1984. The player acts as a spy working for the government. The job is to monitor residents in their apartments and to report them if they have subversive likes or disobey the state. The protagonist is also facing his own family problems: his wife is obviously extremely dissatisfied with the current situation, his son’s speech continues to become westernized, and his young daughter is suffering from a serious disease at the same time. What would you do in that case? Sacrifice your whole life for the government or help liberate residents’ life due to conscience?

The second game is Sally Face. There are five chapters altogether with a season pass. According to its description, it is a dark adventure about Sally, who has a prosthetic face and a mysterious past. In episode one, Sally moves to a new home, but the neighborhood seems a little strange. One of his neighbors dies after Sally moves in, but he doesn’t know who the killer is. Is it a monster in the apartment? A person who has a bloody pony doll in his room? Why is Sally arrested as a murderer? There are so many problems unsolved, waiting for you to explore the following episodes and find out the truth.

The last one is Fran Bow. It is a dark fairy tale style adventure game. I’ve played two full chapters and part of the third chapter, and there are five chapters, which will take more than five hours to finish. The story is about a human girl called Fran finding her only friend Mr. Midnight, a little black cat, after Fran’s parents are killed by the devil. According to the game, it seems that when Fran has red pills from a prescription, the world she sees is full of blood, viscera, shadows, and monsters. Is the terrible world an illusion or another reality? Maybe reality is simply limitless layers of time. There are many characters throughout the adventure, and who is right? Doctor, Aunt, Devil, or Mr. Midnight? Can you believe anyone? Telling you too many details about the story might reduce your interest, but it is definitely a marvelous game worth considering. Although I haven’t finished the whole game, I choose the sentence someone posted in the end: I still don’t know many things, but one thing I do know is that between guilt and fear, I choose happiness…