Over the college grind

Looking forward to a relaxing final semester

I am ready for this semester to be finished. I am currently in my last difficult semester at RPI and I am looking forward to being done with it.

I am bored of the college grind. Test studying, group projects, homework, lectures—it has all become monotonous at this point. I have gotten “good” at college. I know how to study and what to expect, so nothing is exciting anymore. Of course, the courses are still challenging content wise, but they are challenges I have already tackled before in previous classes. It also does not help that, of my five classes this semester, I hope I never have to use three of them in the future. I simply do not enjoy their content.

Fortunately, next semester, which is my last one at RPI, is looking great. I have four courses that I have to worry about, but I am interested in all of them. I have the ability to pass/no credit two of them, so if I am feeling lazy, I can add that designation and lessen my workload even further. My role as report editor on Design/Build/Fly will wrap up at the end of February, leaving me with free time.

With all this free time, my plan is to enjoy my last semester. I will be able to play the backlog of games I have without feeling guilty about doing something more productive. I can binge watch new shows when they come out. I will not be tied up with classes all the time. I will be able to go skiing multiple times every week. I can devote that extra time to whatever I want, whenever I want, and that will be a great thing to have.

There is one thing that is looming over my head currently, and may well continue into next semester: getting a job. I hope that I can land one before this semester ends, so next semester I have one less thing to worry about.

I am done with the college grind, but I’m not done with college just yet. My last semester here will be a nice cap to my college experience before I head off into the world.