Balancing yourself

Using nature to achieve goals, improve focus

Have you felt stressed out in the last week of exams by pushing yourself really hard and cramming as much knowledge as possible in the last minute? This is likely because you haven’t balanced your time. In this notebook, I am going to list some things I have found useful for managing my time. I recommend students try to keep balance in their lives by enjoying nature, as it can help them stay mindful, balance their studies, and lead them to live more fulfilling lives.

Maintaining an equilibrium between study and play can give students an opportunity to have self-realizations, while also making their experience in school more memorable. One way you can do this is by taking a break from your computer and going out into nature. Going outside not only gives you an opportunity to relax your eyes, but also offers a time for reflection. Having more time to reflect can provide an opportunity to think about the future, which can encourage you to work harder in order to achieve your goals. This sentiment stems from when my high school English teacher, Mr. Booth, suggested that I have fun in nature during the weekend, and then come back to study later. This advice helped me realize what I wanted to pursue in the future. Following self-reflection outdoors, I was more motivated to improve my grades, whereas before I lacked motivation. Now that I have learned to take the occasional break, I am closer to achieving my dreams. My experience with relieving stress through nature has shown me it’s important to maintain a natural balance in life.

Making an effort to go outside not only contributes to health, benefits studying, and clarifies future goals, but it can also inspire. As Emerson, who wrote the poem Nature, said, “Nature has a sublime beauty that can inspire people to create.” I always like to immerse myself in nature, sitting in leaves as I flesh out the theses for my essays. Sometimes ideas would pop into my head in those moments when I was appreciating nature. I think this is a useful way to gain creative ideas.