Explore local opportunities

Hello everyone, I hope that you’re all doing well and that you’ve all successfully passed your first round of midterms! Or, at least, are working on successfully passing your first round of midterms, like me. I know that test season is tough for everyone, but thankfully the weather is still beautiful and soon the whole campus will be fully ingrained in the season with round one behind us. This is a great time to get out and enjoy all that upstate New York has to offer! Some of my favorite activities include going apple picking and attending local haunted hayrides. The area is full of beautiful colors, sights, and sounds. Keep an eye out for large, local events too! I was able to stumble across Chowderfest in Downtown Troy during the weekend and it was a great opportunity to support local businesses and get some great food!

    In addition to all the great fall activities happening across the Capital District, this week is full of fun events across campus leading up to Reunion & Homecoming weekend. This weekend is a time for alumni from across the world returning to campus to reminisce on their time at RPI, celebrate, and pay homage to all that they learned and all that Rensselaer means to them. Every year, I meet more and more alumni, and each one that comes back does so because of a genuine love for our Institute and our home. I encourage you all to do your best to befriend an alumnus this weekend. Not only can they be valuable resources in a job search, but they can provide you with a new lens to view Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute through, and to be exposed to traditions that you may never have known of.

On Monday, October 9, the Union hosted a student ice cream social where President Jackson, members of the cabinet, faculty, and staff from across the Institute, as well as hundreds of students gathered to celebrate the start of Reunion & Homecoming weekend. Along with introducing the goals of the capital campaign to be launched this Friday, the event was the first of many student-focused events to celebrate. On Wednesday, be sure to go to the ’86 field to grab lunch at the campus-wide barbecue!

With all that’s going on this week, be sure to keep an eye out for all of the events on campus and to stop by (hint: there’s a good chance that there will be free food)!

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.