Editorial Notebook

We want pockets now

Our country has successfully overlooked and intentionally idled on one of the most essential problems in the United States of America: missing pockets.

Once upon a time, there existed a world where both women and men had clothing with pockets to defend themselves from thieves. Sadly, all went awry during the late eighteenth century, when a distinction grew between fashion and function. Women’s clothing evolved from puffy skirts to slim silhouettes. Over time, matters only grew worse and decorative handbags emerged as a fashion statement. Now, don’t get me wrong. I can appreciate looking good, but why can’t we have both?

One step worse than pocketless clothing is clothing with fake pockets—yes, such an abomination exists. Companies produce articles of clothing that have the appearance of pockets but none of the functionality. Why spend the time and money making pockets only to sew them shut? It’s like dangling a sense of hope and then taking it right back. Think of offering candy to a child and then throwing it on the floor. How do you think the child feels? How do you think I feel?

Well, welcome to the twenty first century ladies and gentlemen! A glorious time filled with employed men and women—both of which require function in their attire. How much more is it to ask for pockets or the freedom to walk aimlessly without weight on your shoulders or a wallet in your hands? Now is the time to create functional clothing for both men and women. Come on, people!

In hopes to highlight some companies working towards making a change, I searched far and wide only to find a movement requesting to make men’s pockets even bigger after the release of the iPhone 6 Plus back in 2014. Rather than introducing pockets to women’s clothing, or equalizing the situation and evaluating the existence of this problem for women, a small step was made in the opposite direction. However, there are new clothing companies emerging with the sole purpose of creating functional and fashionable clothing for women! For example, Poche Posh, a company started by two college students, aims to do just that.

Is that enough? Ultimately, the answer to that is up to you. Personally, I think there’s more room to grow (our pockets). I also think there is enough demand for the industry to change, and even gradual steps toward this movement will help alter the way we think. The reality is that our needs as individuals have changed and we need pockets, goddammit.