Updates: Dinosaur BBQ, Interview Committee

Hi, RPI!

Wow, the past seven days have been quite the week! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt the time fly by as all of the activities, events, organizations, and, of course, academics begin to kick into high gear for the semester.

Last night, we had the privilege of hosting Ndaba Mandela, grandson of the first post-apartheid president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center as part of the Union Speakers Forum. His lecture was phenomenal, and, on behalf of the entire student body, I extend gratitude to Mr. Mandela for coming to speak at RPI!

Additionally, starting today, food from Dinosaur BBQ will be available for purchase in the Union’s McNeil Room on Wednesdays! Be sure to take advantage of this option while it is available.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Hockey Line celebration last Wednesday at the Houston Field House. I’m excited to cheer on our Engineers once the season begins. If you’re interested in season tickets, but did not participate in the Hockey Line, no worries! There are still season tickets available. If you’re interested, visit the box office at the Field House to learn more.

Now, let’s talk student government and the Union. In this week on the Student Senate, we moved to establish a Human Resources Interview Committee, which will be working with the Division of Human Resources to coordinate diverse student involvement in interviews that human resources will be conducting in the near—and distant—future. If you’re interested in getting involved, there will be more information coming soon on how to apply and participate!

Also, last week, we passed a report on the Counseling Center that reviewed the results from a survey on the Counseling Center conducted by the Senate last year. The report included five primary recommendations based on the student feedback we received, and we’re proud to say that the Counseling Center began implementing these areas in the summer and have continued this semester. Thank you to Dr. Leslie Lawrence, Dr. Benjamin Marté, Kevin Readdean, and the entire staff of the Counseling Center for their continued support of the project. And, of course, thank you to Project Leads Nathan Dorer ’18 and Stephen Duduch ’19, Student Life Committee Chairwoman Hannah Merrow ’18, and all of the students involved with the project over the past year! The Student Life Committee—along with all Senate committees—is open to all students, and I highly recommend you get involved if you want to help contribute to current and future projects! SLC meets on Wednesday evenings at 6 pm in the Student Government Suite, including tonight.

This week, we recognized the “Bring The Flying Chicken to Campus” petition, which crossed the 250 signature threshold needed to come before the Senate. We have charged it to Class of 2019 Senator Nancy Bush ’19, who will be working with the Union Business Operations Committee and the Hospitality Services Advisory Committee to determine feasibility and potential logistics.

Finally, if you have not yet had the chance to read my “Top Hat” column from last week, please take a moment to do so. The article focused on the role of the Union Executive Board in the hiring process of a new director of the Rensselaer Union, and it can be found online at

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please reach out to me at