Commending Jackson’s comments on DACA

On September 5, Donald Trump’s movement on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival made it clear that American citizenship is what he holds essential to the American identity. Through this policy, people who came to the United States as children are offered opportunities like college education and work permits—opportunities that are denied to immigrants who enter the country illegally as adults. On an ethical level, this is a policy that provides people who were not old enough to be held accountable for decisions regarding how they entered the country some degree of normalcy as they transition to adulthood.

Bear in mind that this action has direct repercussions on Rensselaer as a community: on September 11, President Shirley Ann Jackson released a statement in which she made it clear that RPI will do everything in its power to help dreamers currently enrolled. In her statement, the president states that “Young people brought into the United States as children should be allowed to remain in the United States to learn, work, make a life for themselves, and contribute to our communities and our country, as many of them already are doing.” Rensselaer has made its stance clear: we need to continue to protect these students however possible.

As an editorial board, we think it is important to commend President Jackson for taking a strong stance on an issue that has direct influence on the members of our community. It takes courage to speak up in the current political climate, particularly when one is in the leadership of an institution that happens to contain many different political opinions on issues like immigration. We hope that RPI will stay true to its word, and we hope that we—as Rensselaer—can ensure the continued success of students that are here under DACA.