New students reflect on NRB

Thousands of acronyms drive newbies off the walls

SOS! RPI’s FYE has got us feeling done AF. First, we arrived for SO. We talked to our RAs, RDs, and LAs about YACS, as well as SIS. Our RAs, RDs, and LAs gave us the DL on SO/NRB, so we knew to use YACS and SIS for schedules. The SOA (student orientation advisors not to be confused with Sons of Anarchy) were extremely helpful with campus geography and learning the difference between DCC, VCC, JEC, CII, UPAC, EMPAC, and ECAV. But if you’re coming from BARH you may have a more difficult time getting to these buildings (more like FAR-H AMIRITE???). But in all seriousness, what these acronyms represent have helped create a community, in which we feel comfortable enough to both critique and value our school.

One seemingly universal critique was during the move in process. We had a very short amount of time to get settled into our halls before being thrown into “jam-packed” NRB activities. Looking like a herd of sheep, we were directed into mandatory “fun” (the greatest oxymoron, closely followed by jumbo shrimp and cool RPI student). Let me paint you a picture. Search “extreme sheep herding” and you’ll find pictures of freshmen being moved from activity to activity. It makes sense for the community to put us in this position, but we would’ve hoped for a more natural experience to walk around campus and meet new people. Through the frustration of being rushed into new undertakings, we appreciate the opportunities that we’ve been given, the experiences we’ve had, and the people we’ve met. If you’re ever in a pickle and the information that was thrusted upon you at SO is escaping you, ask yourself…WWSAJD?

Let’s take a step back—why are we here at RPI? Asking around, we found a common theme emerged: RPI has passionate, quality people. As a fellow student stated best, “I have yet to meet someone who is truly an asshole.” Multiple students shared the same sentiment: everyone here is genuine, kind, and helpful. They are proactive in the ways they change the world.