Revamped gym routine challenges, provides escape

New workout program makes exercise more difficult, yet rewarding; helps with mental recovery from classes

This semester, I have been trying to get myself into some sort of gym regimen. I usually try to get to the gym three to four times a week, and I usually just run a few miles and do some floor exercises, mostly for abs and stretching. This was never really an exhilarating workout for me, but I thought it was enough to just keep me in decent shape and get some exercise in in between my academics. Recently, however, I started following some of Kayla Itsine’s workout program and have realized that my previous workouts have been less than satisfactory.

Her program is 12 weeks long and includes three resistance trainings per week with one being optional: low intensity steady state training, high intensity interval training, and stretching. I am not following her program fully because my schedule does not allow for it, as she expects it to be broken down to go to the gym every day of the week. What I have been doing for each of my gym visits is my previous running routine, her resistance workouts instead of the floor exercises, then stretching.

Her resistance trainings consist of two circuits that are to be repeated twice, and somehow, only a little over a week into these workouts, I’ve already felt a difference in her program in comparison to my other exercises. First, I definitely break much more of a sweat and find myself struggling more than I ever have before. Most of her circuits include new exercises I haven’t done before and have me following a circuit where there is a continuation of exercises, making the workout much more challenging. Some of the exercises in her program are ones that I didn’t even know were exercises and have broadened my horizons in working out more than just abs. I have also explored different equipment, and been forced to go downstairs into the weight room, a place I had feared for some time. Pushing through her workouts has made my experience at the gym feel so much more rewarding.

Other than this realization that I actually need to push myself at the gym if I hope to actually get fit, I also have found the cardio room of the Mueller Center to be a good escape from everything that RPI throws at me. Getting on a treadmill, putting on the Spotify Dance Workout playlist and just running does a very good job of clearing my mind of any work I have. We all need that mental break from academics, and recently the treadmill has worked better than Netflix for me.

To sum up any potential point I have here, I hope to make going to the gym a larger part of my life, and to continue with this more challenging workout program and potentially be in shape enough for it to not drain me completely each time I do it. On top of this, I also aspire to keep the gym as a healthy way to take a break from my workload.