Sleep deficits unsustainable

As a freshman coming back to school from my first Spring Break, things sucked. Adjusting to life from an environment of constant sleep and catching up with friends, to one where I had tests the next week and the hardest Data Structures homework (possibly ever) due on my birthday, I felt terrible. I just wanted to go back home or curl up in a ball and never work again. But somehow, I persisted and I’m here. Break was fun, but you can’t let the end goal out of your sight: we’re all here to end the semester and continue on with our lives.

With regards to my earlier notebook about setting goals, I’m proud to admit that those goals are in the progress of being met. The video games have been cut down substantially, even though I splurged and bought the most recent Humble Bundle and have played exactly none of it. The studying has increased in frequency; however, the one goal that’s lacking is the sleep aesthetic, and that’s what I want to touch on today.

I’ve seen a general attitude of “I don’t need sleep” on this campus; from both close friends and random conversations I overhear at Russel Sage Dining Hall. People my age are constantly going to bed late, and their reasons are often ambiguous. For instance, some are catching up on work they procrastinated, while others often play video games into the night. I’ve caught my own sleep schedule going from nine hours to the present six I’m getting, and it’s everything but fun. Naps are amazing, but they’re unsustainable; some days and class schedules require you out and about for most of the afternoon, and thus you’re running on a sleep deficit. I know the feeling of crashing into bed only to awaken four hours later, and trust me, it’s not a good feeling at all. I was so much happier on days where I could get an over eight hour rest period.

That’s not saying that people cut classes to catch up on sleep. Quite the contrary—they should plan around their sleep schedule when deciding what classes to take and vice-versa. The two should go in hand, and therefore people should be better equipped to tackle their upcoming days.

All in all, I have no idea what I’m saying. This was written at 2:14 am while I was procrastinating doing my CAD homework. People can be such hypocrites sometimes!