Undergraduate President: Kayla Cinnamon

The Polytechnic endorses Kayla Cinnamon ’18 for Undergraduate President. The Undergraduate President presides over the Undergraduate Council, and it is her responsibility to nominate officers, assume the duties of unfilled officer positions, and upholding bylaws as well as preside over meetings.

Cinnamon is well qualified for the Undergraduate President position due to her plethora of experience on her class council. She has gained a deep understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Undergraduate Council due to her participation in committees and her position as publicity director. These prior experiences have helped her craft her platform, which involves several goals oriented at improving participation in student government and improving the flow of current student government operations. Among her goals are creating an attendance policy and improving attendance at student government meetings. Cinnamon also plans to create documentation to aid new council representatives from the Class of 2021.

Cinnamon has the personality and disposition required to maintain relationships within student government. and ensure that student government activities run smoothly. She also has the motivation required to ensure that projects are completed in a timely manner, and is willing to take on outside projects to ensure the smooth operation of the Undergraduate Council.

The Polytechnic is enthusiastic about Cinnamon’s plan to improve communication between the student government and the students, as well as her plans to increase involvement in student government events through outreach on Facebook and a redesigned student government website.