Club officer training summit yields high turnout

86 students attend workshops as part of campus event hosted by the Executive Board

Hello RPI! Happy third week of classes! I have a few updates and things to share from the Executive Board of the Rensselaer Union. This weekend, we held a club officer training workshop in the Union; at the E-Board meeting last week we replaced the ID scanner for the Clubhouse Pub, approved new email lists for clubs, and began planning for future projects in the Union.

The club officer training summit took place Saturday morning from 10 am—noon. We had exceptional attendance of 86 students. A total of 48 students attended bystander intervention training, which is required to be completed for all club presidents by the end of the semester. The other 38 students in attendance participated in financial and travel workshops for club treasurers, “Let’s Talk” workshops, and a program by the Center for Career and Professional Development on how to add your club officer skills to your resume. The Union is planning a similar training day in late February so that all clubs have an opportunity to meet their training requirements.

At the E-Board meeting last Thursday night, we voted to replace the ID scanner in the Pub. The new scanner works with an incredible number of international IDs, a must for the RPI community, and is very straightforward to use. This scanner also goes above and beyond in ID verification. The Executive Board approved a move of email lists from the Union managed server to a server managed by DotCIO at There are many technical issues with the Union’s current server which warranted the migration to a new one. Moving forward, the system administrators in the Union will be in contact with all clubs using email lists in order to help them transition to using email lists. By this summer, the email list server will be turned off and all clubs will have been transitioned to The E-Board also spent time planning for future programs and facility upgrades for the main Union building. This will be a months-long process extending late into the semester. By creating a comprehensive plan for the long-term outlook of the Union’s facilities, we hope that future E-Boards will have a starting point for making their own plans and updating the plans we have laid out.

Finally, I would like to thank the international members of our community for all that they bring to the RPI campus, and especially the Union. I have never met a more open and inclusive group of students than the international and cultural organizations at RPI. They continually show us that adversity and hate can be met with cordial, intelligent dialogue, that cultural insensitivity can be challenged by words and thoughtful action, and that our community can learn, accept, and love those around us who are different from ourselves. Now more than ever, to any student who feels like their community doesn’t have their back, I can tell you that we do, and that we always will.