Comment cards outside StuGov Suite

Hello again RPI! This week I am excited to announce the return of the Rensselaer Union Comment Cards, similar to comment cards in other areas of campus like the Clubhouse Pub and Commons Dining Hall. Our cards are available outside of the Student Government Suite on the third floor of the Union (room 3120). There is a large box with cards next to it for writing and submitting comments about anything in regards to the Union. Comments can range from tangible issues having to do with dining services, Father’s Marketplace, the Collegiate Store, the games room, questions about being in a club, getting in touch with staff or E-Board representatives, or even starting a club, just to name a few. This new comment card program is headed up by the Executive Board’s Business Operations Committee, which is responsible for reviewing the comments and providing answers. Once a comment card has been answered, it will be placed on the bulletin board to the left of the comment box. If you have any feedback about our comment cards, please fill one out and we will take it into consideration!

This week the Executive Board will be interviewing with finalist candidates for the position of Business Coordinator on the Rensselaer Union administrative staff. Hopefully, we will find the perfect person for the job and can get them on-board as soon as possible. As many of you know, the administrative staff in the Union has several vacant positions and this will alleviate our already overworked staff members who do an exceptional job at keeping all the gears turning. We all look forward to meeting with candidates for the position and continuing to fill the two remaining vacancies on the administrative staff.

The Executive Board has also begun to take a close look at the way our club officers are trained and which trainings are available to them. Just last week we received bystander intervention training from staff in the student health center. This was, in part, due to the “Enough is Enough” legislation recently passed by the New York State Legislature. Starting this year, all club officers will be required to attend a bystander intervention training. The Executive Board, Union administrative staff, and the Health Center will be coordinating on the best methods for delivering this training and ensuring that all clubs participate.

The discussion surrounding bystander intervention training has prompted a larger discussion about the current financial and travel workshops that all club officers attend. The Executive Board will be working with staff members and other students to review the training program and adapt them to new campus environments. We will update all members of the Union and campus moving forward as we develop concrete plans on these issues.

As always, feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.