Editorial notebooks

Relating mundane actions to life’s daily adventures

Walking back from class Thursday afternoon around 3 pm, after being let out early, I passed the Troy Building, then strolled alongside the ’86 Field as the light breeze made my ponytail sway back and forth. At this moment, there were a few other people meandering around, crossing paths with me as I continued up the staircase passing Quad and then back down a flight of stairs to cross the road while two cars coming from both directions slowed down and then stopped for me.

As I crossed the road, the typical thought came to mind of how I go up a bunch of stairs and down a bunch of stairs while passing through Quad. However, that wasn’t the only thing on my mind: the fact that I finished my Thursday classes at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute came to mind.

This feeling of achievement and amazement of how far I’ve come to walk this campus comes to mind every now and then. It is a feeling like no other. It comes at random times, especially on beautiful days while strolling through RPI. I am writing a notebook for a college newspaper. I am going to be a civil engineer designing a bridge back in my hometown. I am going to build my own beach house someday. I am going to have my own beach house design and construction company. I am going to open a restaurant. There is so much ahead of me, and Rensselaer has put me in a great position to make this possible.

Returning to the casual stroll the other day, the three key actions of passing, going alongside, and crossing were essential to the walk back from class that day. I passed different parts of campus and passed different people, I went alongside the field and Quad, and I crossed the street while there was traffic. These three actions are not only experienced after being dismissed from class, but experienced daily by all students, professors, working individuals—everyone. We all pass by places, go alongside pathways, and cross roads.

Looking more deeply into this idea, I am working hard to pass my classes. I am studying and learning alongside with very intelligent students, all with very propitious, bold goals. I am crossing out assignments as I complete them for a feeling of accomplishment. Simple actions like these apply in different aspects of life and not just the ones experienced throughout the walk back to my room.

I ponder a little more often now on how my life is passing by as I go along this journey of life, making decisions, crossing paths, discovering new thoughts. I will continue to strive for success and enjoy life and be thankful for all that I’ve earned, and as the saying goes, “You only have one life, so make the most of it.”